About Us


RD Irish Pub is located in the historic downtown in Tempe. The owner was born and raised in Ireland and became a prominent businessman there. He moved to Arizona and decided to stay for good as he wants to experience a new life in a new environment, to begin with. While living in Arizona, he met a woman that is now his wife.

Before RD Irish Pub was established, they opened an Irish coffee shop first which served Irish brewed coffees and pies where local can stop by and have a good and relaxing day while having a good conversation with each other. The Irish owner is very passionate when it comes to Irish culture and his wife admires him for that so in 2003, they opened their second business the RD Irish Pub wherein people in the area fell instantly in love with it. 

Their pub is not only serving Guinness, beer, grub, wine, brew and Irish food in the dining table, but they also have a little merchant store in the corner of the pub where you can buy Irish liquor. Customers found it amazing and they rather sit first, sip Guinness and wander in the area surrounded by shelves of merchandise before really dining in the restaurant.

Our mission is to bring the culture of Ireland in Arizona and make RD Irish Pub a place where you can retreat from the real world. Our invitation for everyone is to relax and enjoy good conversation with us and the locals, consume great food and drinks and listen to live music from a local friend being performed here regularly. 

To be a great Irish Pub that is leading in the industry is one of our main goals. That’s why we strive to give you our very best in order for you to enjoy our daily services. Being known in and around Arizona is all because of the people who stayed and believed in us. We thank you and we appreciate your loyalty and support!