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All About RD Irish Pub


Greetings everyone! We are ecstatic in seeing you here in our RD Irish Pub website. We created this portal for you to know the latest updates, news, and promos about us. Today, we are going to tell you all about the RD Irish Pub. Most of our visitors are sending us messages and asking about the pub so in order for you to understand what RD Irish Pub is, we will tackle it in this blog. So we are hoping that you can read this post.

RD Irish Pub is known as a great and leading Irish Pub in and around Arizona, bringing you authentic Irish culture, food, and drinks. If you are in Arizona and you’re looking for a shepherd’s pie, boxty or some Irish drinks and brews, look no further than RD Irish Pub located here in Tempe. Our Pubhouse is unique from all other Irish Pub you can see in Arizona. Ours is more like an Ireland type of a house that would instantly give you a homey feel. When you enter the pub you will immediately feel comfortable and warm. A cozy and Irish style furniture and decors will greet you warmly which fit perfectly with our custom garage door Tempe which is adjacent to the pub. With our unique establishment, you will locate it easily if you are in the area. Passers-by found it one-of-a-kind and attractive so they’d rather choose to stop by first and enjoy our Irish drinks, food, and services before moving forward to their destinations.

Many people ask if our Pubhouse is a gastro bar. Well, it is not just a bar, it is a place where locals gather, sipping premium Irish brew, drinking the finest Guinness, beer, eating great, scrumptious and delicious authentic Irish food while having a good conversation. Here in RD Irish Pub, we embody that kind of culture in Ireland as the owner of it was born and raised in that country and wants to bring their amazing culture in Arizona.

When you enter our Irish pub, you will be amazed at how it looks. We have a little merchant store in the corner of the pub surrounded by shelves of merchandise with a very few coffee tables and chairs. While on the other part was a dining area where most people sit in, dine and have a good time. 

Thank you for reading! We invite you to check out all the pages of our site available to you to get an idea of all the things our Irish Pubhouse has to offer. Visit the contact us section to know where and who you should contact if you’ve any inquiries. Please use the navigation menus for the various sections of our website. Our blog updates regularly with new information about the Irish Pub, promos, and news.  So if ever you want to know what’s new at RD Irish Pub, you just simply need to visit our blog and find all the various posts and articles we have published pertaining on the latest news about the Pub. We hope you like our post for today. Please stay tuned for more of RD Irish Pub updates.