Find the most asked question on our website. This page may help you understand what we’re up to, so please read the following questions and know more about us through them.

Q: What are the RD Irish Pub hours of operation?
A: We are open from Monday to Friday every 11:00 am – 2:00 am and on Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 am

Q: How long has RD Irish Pub been in business?
A: We have started our business on St. Francis’ Day in March 2003. 

Q: How do I get to RD Irish Pub?
A: The RD Irish Pub is easy to locate because of the unique design and style of our pub house in and outside of the establishment. We are located on the historic downtown of Tempe. Please see the google map.

Q: How can I make a reservation?
A: Reservations can be made in numerous ways. Through calling the RD Irish Pub or by booking online via our Reservation Request Form. Just fill up the form and send it to us.

Q: Can you accommodate large parties and private events at your pub for Corporate and Social Events Gathering?
A: Yes, RD Irish Pub can accommodate up to 200 guests in our venue for both social and corporate events. We are open to host events from 30 to 200 guests. Kindly send us an email for more details and so we can start planning the particulars of it.

Q: Are there any vegetarian dishes on your menu?
A: Yes. Our menu contains some options for the health conscious. Please make us aware of any dietary restrictions ahead of time especially when you make your reservation so we can let our kitchen staff handle your situation appropriately.

Q: Is there any Dress code when we come to your pub?
A: We suggest you dress in smart casual.

Q: What Credit Cards does RD Irish Pub accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.