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“This is the kind of authentic Irish pub where I want to hang out every time I need to. It ‘s very comfortable and relaxing, the staff will make you feel like you are at home. My favorite is the fish ‘n chips that is cooked well and the Guinness that is always flowing. I recommend RD Irish Pub to everyone. If you’re in the area, arrive early and grab a table on the outside patio. There is a great energy there, especially when people start to come in.”


“What’s not to love in the popular RD Irish pub in Tempe? I came here on Friday and there is live Irish music that surprised me. There is also great tasting Irish food and drinks. No doubt this pub is the most popular in and around Arizona. Better come and see these guys, so you can experience it for yourself!”


“The Best Taste of Ireland in Arizona. I’ve never seen an Irish Pub in my life that is so good. I love the atmosphere, the staff is friendly, and the owner and the locals would give you a good conversation so you will never feel alone here. The Irish food and brews are so tasty, I can’t wait to come back again and eat those shepherd’s pie and corned beef!”


“Yay! This Irish Pub is my favorite from now on. I have ordered the Guinness and the grub and one thing that surprised me is that whether you go for the Guinness or the grub, I am sure that you’d love them both as they are so good. And the food is authentic Irish dishes that are so tasty and fresh.”


“Irish indulgence! The RD Irish Pub in Tempe amazes me with their superb cuisine, warm atmosphere, and wonderful staff.”